80% - 90% of modern applications are composed of Open Source Software. Public repositories handle billions of download requests serving a global developer population. These components can introduce security vulnerabilities if not managed and updated.

Our Services include:

Local Repository/Artifact Management - Repository managers are a fundamental first step toward software supply chain automation, focusing primarily on management of open source components within an organization. In this sense, they serve as local warehouses providing development teams with more efficient and controlled component access enterprise-wide.

Software Bill of Materials Reports- These reports list all components used, component age, popularity, version numbers, licenses, and known vulnerabilities.

About our company

Strategic Generation offers Cybersecurity, DevOps and Change and Release Management services. The team uses the Lean and Agile approach to efficiently deliver project initiatives, optimize IT value stream and convert business needs into capabilities and services that provide real value for end users.

Clients benefit from the firm’s dedication to address security vulnerabilities before they make it into production by combining application and infrastructure security into the software development life cycle.