Seamless Cybersecurity is Actually Possible (Yes, Really!)
In the insurance business, complying with the NAIC-inspired information security state law can be intimidating, costly, and confusing. We get it. Thankfully, the answer is simple. The foundation of a strong cybersecurity program is a seamless Security Performance Management Tool(SMTP). It’s the most efficient way to sustainably manage your program and comply with your state law. It also brings clarity to your information security posture with less work and more savings for your business.

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Sophisticated Attackers Have a Target on Your Business
Insurance companies and any business that works with personal data from their clients are highly
susceptible to cybersecurity attackers. The NAIC law was developed to make sure all sensitive information is safe as criminal hackers become increasingly sophisticated in their cyberattacks. While they are working to steal your clients’ information, an SPMT works harder. In an effort to minimize the risks of ransomware, it helps you easily see any vulnerabilities within your network so you avoid being an easy target, anticipate cyberattacks, and act quickly should one occur.

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Sus Out Susceptible
Third-Party Vendors
Some security breaches come from your trusted third-party vendors. While it’s overwhelming and unrealistic to constantly monitor your vendors’ security measures, the NAIC law knows how important it is to protect sensitive data. That’s why an SPMT not only monitors your network, it also monitors your third-party vendors. While checking their security standards at the beginning during onboarding is helpful, the risk doesn’t stop there. Implementing an SPMT makes sure its security standards are consistently maintained over time.

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Swift Responses So You
Can Stress Less
NAIC understands that there is no such thing as a zero-breach security system. This is why they added an incident response requirement within the law. The speed of your response is just as important as the “what” and the “who.” You can easily set up your SPMT so you are prepared and ready to respond swiftly in the event of a breach. It will automatically contain the information NAIC requires, which allows you to protect your reputation and your bottom line during an inevitable cybersecurity incident.

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Secure Your Information
Security Strategy in One Call
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