Social Causes are important at Strategic Generation. The company’s integrity, transparency and desire to leave things better than they were stems from the personal values of CEO Nnamdi Osuagwu. Nnamdi believes that nothing is more rewarding than the ability to improve the lives and futures of others, whether through work or support of social causes.

He is currently the Chief Information Officer of the The Fibroids Project, an online website dedicated to providing women suffering from Uterine Fibroids with information, resources and community. The Fibroids Project provides unbiased facts about causes and cures, resources that address options for becoming fibroid-free and help women living with fibroids live full and happy lives. From seminars and websites to blogs and books, The Fibroids Project connects women with fibroids to experts in the field and to each other to share knowledge, new points of view and support.

Nnamdi also serves The Grace N. Osuagwu Educational Foundation (GNOEF) which, established as a charitable foundation in 2012, supports students to achieve higher education to improve their quality of life.

These students are full of promise and learning desire, from the ninth grade to the college level but are unable to attend their preferred educational summer program, college, university or vocational institution due to insufficient funding, not qualifying for a full academic scholarship or a full financial aid package. The foundation also supports students who have achieved their baccalaureate and are unable to take examinations leading to professional certificates or licensure due to insufficient finances.

GNOEF was founded by the children of Grace N. Osuagwu to help remove economic barriers that impede educational achievement. The hope and goal of GNOEF is to provide millions of dollars in grants to help students achieve their academic goals which become a springboard for eventually living their career dreams and contributing to society.

About our company

Strategic Generation offers Cybersecurity, DevOps and Change and Release Management services. The team uses the Lean and Agile approach to efficiently deliver project initiatives, optimize IT value stream and convert business needs into capabilities and services that provide real value for end users.

Clients benefit from the firm’s dedication to address security vulnerabilities before they make it into production by combining application and infrastructure security into the software development life cycle.